This is the daily  report from Kolegiacki square.

July the 24, 2021, the construction site was teeming with  life for the last week. The walls in the excavation have been concreted, and the progress of construction can be seen. My dear friend, also engineer. but not from IT technology, but due to the GDPR, I cannot say in what field, he came up with a revolutionary idea that this underground building should take the role of a metro station. If the city authorities pick it up this idea, "soon" we can expect a new project "Underground for  Poznan", we are waiting for the appropriate resolution to be accepted.

We will not be worse than Warsaw, we  Poznan citizens also deserve the Underground !!!!!!!!!!

Juley the 17, 2021 today only a reflection, because it is Sunday, everyone has a day off. The hellish machine has been standing for a week and can easily be promoted to be  named  as museum item  or historical  monument. Following the spirit of cultivating national values including monuments, I would like to announce that the  part of sidewalk (2x2 sqm) at the entrance to the restaurant takes the role of a "viewpoint". Everyone admiring the machine for at least 1 minute will get a 10% discount. Unfortunately, we cannot introduce tourist sign on our "viewpoint" because this is the area of the "Cultural Park" and any interference with the surroundings requires the consent of the conservator of monuments.


July the 17, 2021 after Euro 2020, it's time to get back to reality. A large machine arrived, I, as a simple software and microcomputer engineer, can't eaven name it, but it is impressive.

I present a photo of the map of Poznań from 1617. This is today's Kolegiacki Square with its surrounding area.

June the 18,2012  hot , very hot ,fear to look at the thermometer, the workers  on the construction site are working persistently, respect, there is a concrete mixer and a small excavator.

June  the17, 2021, as usual, the construction works. For the football Euro, also usual day,  FORZA ITALIA was not sensational - there was Forza and money. Short explanation of word Forza - stands for " go Italy"  but in polish forsa stands for money, short distinction

15.06.2021 t oday, after the spectacular performance of our "table football players", i could not refrain from allusion  to Euro 2020.

Before Euro 2012, the city began spectacular preparations for this event. One of the elements to diversify the landscape was the so-called renovation of the Kaponiera  crossroad. The forces involved in this spectacular  project accomplished it  4 years late. September the  3rd  of 2016 crossroad  were released for usage, after next  Euro event had already  taken place. I am afraid that the project of pl Kolegiackiego will be implemented according to the same formula. Two years have already passed, but there is still another challenge on the horizon.

Building: Burj Khalifa, construction time 5 years, height 828 m.

We still have 3 years left in this race.

0n June 14th 2021 new equipment has arrived, a large excavator and a smaller backhoe returned. BURROWING.

On  June  10th an irresponsible driver blocked the entrance to the construction site, we hope that this regrettable incident will not ruin totally  the precise plan for the completion of construction.

On June the 8th excavator has left construction site.

The machinery below unfortunately is  not an oil drilling well -  it's a pity that we won't  be rich.

Yesterday, on June the 7th, 2021, a giant excavator arrived at the construction site, see photo below.

We predict that  now the hole will be deeper or wider, or the usege  of an excavator may be extremely different.